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As the founder and creative director, Sam Ojile was inspired by the fashion and culture of the many cities he travelled to and lived in around the world. He found that the craftsmanship and ornateness represented in their architecture and design showed itself in their daily lives. This inspiration led him to replicate the craftsmanship and beauty with Rudimentary. Rudimentary was founded to provide simple, quality items that do not swing with the trends. We strive to create garments you will be able to wear for a long time made with natural fibers. Additionally, our focus is on making everything in the United States with local manufacturers and artisans, and we do not stray from these principles.

The brand offers the distinguished laid-back appearance that will provide the perfect aesthetic for any occasion. Our mission is to show that purchasing with a purpose leaves you with a long-lasting, fashionable wardrobe that will make dressing well a simple task.

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